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"While expensive regimens and structured programs may work for some, I prefer to focus on well supported, tried and true dietary patterns..."

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Heart health shouldn’t be a fad and it isn’t a diet. Heart health is a lifestyle, and its worth taking time to perfect!

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"Glittery nail wraps, five-dollar jewelry, and makeup, Oh My! In place of my typical household chores, midday naps, and other weekend routines, I spent last weekend double-teaming the NWA 2019 40/29 & Arkansas CW Women's Living Expo ..."

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Have no fear, meditation is here! In the last blog we talked about the benefits of mindful meditation. Now let’s dig in to what and how we can practice it.

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 "Christmas is a time for love, happiness, cheer, and gaining ten pounds,” said my 18-year-old sister. For many that “gaining ten pounds” is a near truth and ... 

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