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Bio-Tech Pharmacal supports the Broyles Foundation mission by donating 5% of Vitamin D3-5 sales

Bio-Tech Pharmacal is donating Vitamin D3 to the Vitamin D Council spreading vitamin D deficiency awareness, a worldwide problem!

Bio-Tech Pharmacal donates vitamin D3 to GrassrootsHealth for research projects

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. Premium Nutrition at the Cellular Level

Our products start with quality ingredients.

We work to build long term relationships with suppliers that consistently deliver high quality ingredients. With trustworthy suppliers as a foundation, we test ingredients for identity (correct ingredient), strength (quantity of active component), and contamination (limits on components such as heavy metals, pathogenic organisms, yeast and mold, pesticides, and solvents).

We utilize scientifically valid methods and modern analytical technologies in testing. Only those ingredients that meet our strict quality requirements are used to manufacture finished products.

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Our Customers Say...

Carole A Baggerly

Director, GrassrootsHealth

“Integrity, Quality, Knowledge - are the words that describe Bio-Tech Pharmacal to me. When I first met Dale Benedict, owner, he indicated that 'we have to help people'--that is substantiated by the quality and components of the products and their customer service. All products are made without allergens, they consistently apply the best practices to their manufacturing. And, the customer service and sales personnel know the products inside and out. And, they are very active in giving products to many worthwhile research groups around the country. A marvelous group!”

Kristina Logsdon

“I take Bio-Tech-Pharmacal’s Vitamin D 50,000 units once a week. It is the only D supplement that I have taken that has been able to bring my low D numbers up to the normal range! I recommend it to everyone with low D.”