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Our Story

Bio-Tech Starts With Great Quality Ingredients.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal started with an idea that became a mission to produce pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals in an effort to provide health support worldwide. We’re a veteran-owned, small, family business and we’ve been doing things the right way for more than 35 years. That’s why we’re still around. Our winning formula involves just three ingredients, nice and simple, like our products: Great Employees, Pure Raw Materials, and an Unwavering Commitment to Quality.

The best products come from the best employees and at Bio-Tech Pharmacal we have more than 50 years of combined research and development experience in our on-site doctors and scientists. Their expertise provides us with the best formulations to most effectively meet the needs of our customers. Our production staff operates state-of-the-art equipment, all to cGMP and NSF standards.

We believe that the best way to keep you safe and healthy is by keeping our employees safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. Nature is essential to everything we do, that’s why members of our Bio-Tech family enjoy natural walking trails throughout our wooded 30+ acre campus and relax around our all-natural spring-fed pond. Bio-Tech also provides a complete health insurance plan, covering more than 90% of the cost to each employee, allowing them the peace of mind to focus on their work.

Our determined commitment to quality leads us all around the globe in search of the purest raw materials regardless of price. Trustworthy suppliers who consistently deliver high-quality ingredients build our foundation. Raw materials are then strenuously tested by DB Science (an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory) according to our strict personal quality standards, testing for identity, strength, and contamination. If the product fails to test out to our expected standards they're rejected. Simple as that. This effort at a higher standard doesn’t go unnoticed either.

More than 100 research institutions, universities, colleges, hospitals, and clinics respect our stringent quality requirements used to manufacture our products. So much so, that they request us personally when they need pharmaceutical-grade vitamins for testing purposes. Sloan-Kettering, the Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Harvard Medical all know that they can consistently rely on our quality-tested products being the purest available. That reliability is established through years of the finest quality employees manufacturing the finest quality products. The seal on our bottle is us making that same promise of quality to you.



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Our Customer Say...

I am so very grateful for Bio-Tech Pharmacal and the products they provide. I especially appreciate the fact that their products have in them what I need and no added ingredients I do not need. They have been so great in helping me determine which products best suit my needs. In particular, the Methyl B12, Lith-Oro, Lacto-Pectin, and Sodium/Potassium Bicarbonate have made a wonderful difference in my life! Thank you Bio-Tech!

- Pam W.

I love your Vitamin D3 available in a 50,000 unit capsule and have amazing results with patients getting great Vitamin D Levels with a simple once a week pill. The prescription D2 has not shown me the results

- Diane Culik

I've been using Biotech for about 5 years. I love their products!

- Karen Warner

Have used Biotech D-3 for many years. My doctor recommended it. Excellent product!

- Jean James

I just want to say that I have been shopping with Bio-Tech-Pharmacal for years and not only do they have service is cheetah fast!

- William A. Cole

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