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Whatever Your Age, Get Outside and Play!

Dr. Jan Bartlett, PhD, CWC, Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. Dr. Bartlett is the Chief Wellness Enhancer at Bio-Tech Pharmacal; she is an author, researcher, entrepreneur, and Certified Wellness Coach. As a university professor in NY, IA, and OK she mentored graduate students in Counseling and Counseling Psychology programs for 15 years. Her research explores the links between nature, nutrition depletion, movement, stress and mental health.


On a warm sunny day, get outside to enjoy nature whether you are 2 or 92! A 20-minute daily interplay of sunshine on your skin provides a good dose of Vitamin D and personally, it boosts my mood and sense of wellbeing. Vitamin D functions as a hormone, a chemical messenger with widespread effects in the human body. * It is important for optimal bone, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and immune health. * If work or studies interfere with your sunshine absorption, consider BIO-TECH Vitamin D3 supplements, especially during the winter months. Beyond sunshine, this issue will look at supporting healthy blood pressure and mental health.


Mental health can simply be our ability to enjoy life and handle the daily “challenges” at home, work, school or an unexpected event. A flat tire when you’re already 20-minutes late can be unnerving. “Challenges” is “code” for stress! How we cope with stress is key to our health and longevity. Yes, stress can increase your blood pressure. If you are struggling to cope, verbalize your feelings with a trusted friend, spiritual leader, or a mental health professional. Remember to breathe. Breathe deeply through your nose (your stomach should extend) and exhale through your mouth, (your stomach will contract). A 15-minute mental health break does wonders. Take a walk outside, better yet walk barefoot in the grass; to engage with nature can be calming and comforting. Consider changing your expectations, know your triggers and avoid them when possible, and practice gratitude.


Here are some suggestions from Mayo Clinic to lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease. Lose those extra pounds, even 10lbs can make a positive difference. Ask your doctor what your healthy waist measurement and weight would be. Exercise regularly for 30 minutes a day. This might be walking, biking, jogging, even dancing! Be consistent, if you stop exercising your blood pressure can go back up. Work with your doctor to develop an exercise plan. Eat a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I think organic is the best, eat the cleanest food possible. Reduce your sodium intake, especially if you snack on processed foods, read the labels for sodium content. Limit your alcohol intake, as moderate drinking can raise your blood pressure; so maybe 1 glass of wine not a bottle. If you smoke, please consider quitting. And once again, attempt to reduce the stressors in your life.



Keep moving, eat organic, find a peaceful space, and be thankful. Dr. Jan

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