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Letter To Customers from Dale L. Benedict, Founder and President of Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Dear Valued Customer –

Over the last eight months, our shelves have become more bare than usual and we have heard your concern. As the President and Founder of Bio-Tech Pharmacal I want to extend my deepest apologies for our Out-of-Stock issues and my most heartfelt gratitude for your patience. This letter isn't a white flag, but a promise; a commitment I am making to you, our valued customer, that we will make this right.

For more than 35 years, Purity, Potency, and Quality have been the cornerstones of our organization. You have trusted our products all these years due to these exact principles. Likewise, we have relied on your faith in us to always deliver the finest quality vitamins and supplements when you needed them most.

We are a small, family-owned business driven by a mission to promote health and well-being across the globe. We proudly manufacture all our products right here in the Natural State, but as a smaller company equipment manufacturing issues hit us harder. Your faith in our label is important. Our integrity allows us to stand out among the more mass-produced supplements on the market. While we are proud to stand apart from those manufacturers, on occasion, they incur manufacturing or supply issues and, in that way, we are alike.

You will notice some products leaving the website, but they are not leaving our product line. This is simply a way for us to better address our product inventory levels before we return to our regular manufacturing schedule.

Purity. Potency. Quality. Those are the cornerstones I founded Bio-Tech Pharmacal on, and now, I'm asking for you to help with the fourth: Faith. Faith that my commitment to you is as strong today as it was 35 years ago and faith that Bio-Tech Pharmacal is not losing product or sacrificing our cornerstones for short-term goals. We have heard you and we appreciate your concern; we are working on ways to reward your patience and commitment to us. I thank you again for your patience and promise we will make this right.


Dale L. Benedict
Founder and President
Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.

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