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#DailyVitamin DMAE: Its History and Uses


Once a prescription drug, Dimethylamioethanol (DMAE or Deanol) was removed from the prescription market in 1983 and is now available as a supplement over the counter. DMEA, which is naturally produced in the body, has been used in the past as a possible way to affect mood, enhance memory, and help with brain function.* It may also have benefits for aging skin.* 


During the 1950’s, stimulant drugs were developed or marketed towards parents in an attempt to relieve unruly behavior in their children. While the children would become sedative due to the medication, the underlying cause of the hyperactivity went untreated. There was also considerable controversy attached to the use of stimulant drugs in the treatment of young children. The natural compound DMAE was introduced in 1957 as an alternative to the stimulant craze. The effects of DMAE were similar to those of the stimulants, but DMAE did not produce the adverse side-effects nor the dependency that were so common with current prescription stimulants.


Through continued testing and treatment from the late 50’s to the 1980’s and even into present day, doctors and scientists have been able to highlight the possible benefits of DMAE through other aspects of the human condition. DMAE is believed to be most effective as a cognitive aid, acting as a possible mood enhancer, supporting overall health and well-being.* Research also shows that DMAE may aid in alertness and recall and recognition in more elderly users.*


DMAE assists the body in production of acetylcholine (Ach), an important neurotransmitter helping nerve cells send signals throughout the body.* Ach works by helping regulate functions controlled by the brain such as, REM sleep, muscle contractions, and pain responses. Along with aiding in Ach production, DMAE may also work to prevent beta-amyloid buildup in the brain which may support healthy memory and cognitive function throughout the lifespan*

While DMAE has a history of research into its uses, recent years have seen a drop off in testing with DMAE providing no recent support for or against its claims. Like any dietary supplement change you’re looking to make be sure to consult a licensed medical professional who can advise you on the best methods available. Bio-Tech Pharmacal provides a form of DMAE as DNZ-2 which supplies DMAE as the acetamidobenzoate salt.


– Keith Helm III




*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.’s products are not intended for use in the diagnose, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.

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