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Quality, Quality, Quality Bio-Tech Pharmacal’s Promise for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

At Bio-Tech Pharmacal, we pride ourselves on Purity, Potency, and Quality.

“Quality, quality, quality,” The voice of our founder, Dale L. Benedict, echoes through the halls of our facility and in every step of our manufacturing process. This respect towards Quality ensures the continued excellence of our product's Purity and Potency.

High-quality standards and integrity reinforce our approach towards meeting customer needs, resulting in more than 35 years of success. In 1984, Dale and Marti Benedict established Bio-Tech Pharmacal due to their dissatisfaction with the lack of quality in dietary supplement products available on the market. From the beginning, Quality has been a promise Bio-Tech made to each customer, a promise that continues to this day.

These same core values are instilled in each Bio-Tech employee and reflected in their commitment to excellence. The utmost care and reverence for what each capsule means to you, the consumer, goes into every Bio-Tech bottle manufactured. The Bio-Tech product line (87+ all-natural dietary supplements) comes with a guarantee of quality, requiring all products to meet or exceed the following: hypo-allergenic, bioavailable raw materials void of dyes, talc, binders, artificial colors, and synthetic flavors (when possible). Select Bio-Tech supplements are Kosher- and ISWA Halal-certified.

These same underlying principles guide our Quality Control team, plus the necessary cGMP and NSF standards. The winning combination of an outstanding third-party ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory, modern cGMP manufacturing facility, and knowledgeable employees produce a reliable supply of safe, effective, high-quality dietary supplements that are being used worldwide.

See the Quality for yourself in these fine products.

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