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Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Nutrient depletion can occur in a number of ways within the human body. Drug-induced nutrient depletion, however, occurs when specific medications may block the absorption, storage, metabolism, or synthesis of essential nutrients. Over time, this may cause various health-related issues. Vitamins and/or minerals may be recommended to help return nutrient balance to the body. Common medications that cause drug-induced nutrient depletion include, but are not limited to, ADHD medications, anti-depressants, acetaminophen, antacids, antibiotics, beta-blockers, and blood sugar medications. The table below shows common medications and what resources they might deplete.

The guide below shows what may happen when your body is low on certain key nutrients.

With so many medications in the market, nutrient depletion  is often overlooked. Always check with your doctor or primary care physician if you have any questions about your medication and the possibility of drug-induced nutrient depletion.

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