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Cognitive Function, Quality Sleep and Relationships!

Dr. Jan Bartlett, PhD, CWC, Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. Dr. Bartlett is the Chief Wellness Enhancer at Bio-Tech Pharmacal; she is an author, researcher, entrepreneur, and Certified Wellness Coach. As a university professor in NY, IA, and OK she mentored graduate students in Counseling and Counseling Psychology programs for 15 years. Her research explores the links between nature, nutrition depletion, movement, stress and mental health.


Family time, sleeping, and thinking, some of my favorite activities! Cognitive function, steps for quality sleep, and creating lifelong habits for children is our focus. Many people seek out complementary and alternative medicines utilizing dietary supplements to support health goals.  Consulting your health care provider is advisable to ensure that supplements used do not interfere with physician prescribed medications.


Creating a routine to build lifelong habits can be a challenge, we are all busy. But most children thrive with routine around eating and sleeping. Habits are formed early. Eating around the table as family discussing the day’s events builds communication skills, at whatever age. Sleeping, it seems children never want to go to bed, “one more story please?”  Let your child know what is coming and the expectation, “dinner in 30 minutes,” then “15 minutes, go wash your hands,” at last “dinner time.” The same with bed time or leaving the park, gradually prepare your child for the expectation. In addition, movement whether play, working in the garden, or sports is essential for good health, the same for adults. Mind or body, use it or lose it! “We are what we eat,” organic whole foods are best, steer away from processed foods, white flour and sugar.


To promote sound and restful sleep for adults and children, consider your “sleep routine” or create one. Best not to eat meals 3 hours before sleep nor engage in strenuous exercise. Thirty minutes prior to sleep, disconnect from all electronics, no TV, phone, tablets or computer interactions. Technology suppresses melatonin and keeps your brain awake. Have a cup of relaxing herbal tea, mint or chamomile is nice. Create a quiet space prior to sleep, perhaps soft music. The same for children. You are signaling your body and brain time to rest. The hormone melatonin * may be helpful in attaining restful sleep and reduce the time to fall asleep. Some research even suggests that melatonin * supplements benefit travelers experiencing jet lag.


More than 16 million people in the United States are living with cognitive impairment; as Baby Boomers age, the number will increase. There are a range of supplements believed to support optimal cognitive function. Bio-Tech Pharmacal offers a blend that was formulated by Dr. Jonathan Wright called Sage Memories ( Sage Memories contains a combination of ingredients designed to support optimal memory and cognitive function. Sage Memories includes niacinamide * (a form of vitamin B3 that supports recall), Meriva curcumin * (an antioxidant), lithium aspartate * (for regulation of neurotransmitters), and antioxidant rich sage and rosemary.


Remember to give your brain restful sleep and some down-time! Brilliant insights and mental clarity often come in those moments before sleep, watching a sunrise, or setting peacefully in a favorite location. Take time for yourself.



*The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases. 

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