Integrity, Quality, Knowledge - are the words that describe Bio-Tech Pharmacal to me. When I first met Dale Benedict, owner, he indicated that 'we have to help people'--that is substantiated by the quality and components of the products and their customer service. All products are made without allergens, they consistently apply the best practices to their manufacturing. And, the customer service and sales personnel know the products inside and out. And, they are very active in giving products to many worthwhile research groups around the country. A marvelous group!~ Carole A BaggerlyDirector, GrassrootsHealth

I take Bio-Tech-Pharmacal’s Vitamin D 50,000 units once a week. It is the only D supplement that I have taken that has been able to bring my low D numbers up to the normal range! I recommend it to everyone with low D.~ Kristina Logsdon

Resiliency for space depends to a large part on how well nourished we are before we leave the earth and the growing body of evidence revealing the increasing multi-system importance of Vitamin D. Bio-Tech Pharmacal, with astounding swiftness and stellar professional competence, enabled a responsive path to supplement and serve the journey to fortify and sustain the nutritional health of our lives, whether residing here on earth, or aspiring to destinations--off the planet.... Thank you, Lora and Bio-Tech.~ Yvonne Cagle, MDHuman Space Exploration

I love your Vitamin D3 available in a 50,000 unit capsule and have amazing results with patients getting great elevations in their Vitamin D levels with a simple once a week pill. The prescription D2 has not shown me the results or sustainability in Vitamin D levels. ~ Diane Culik

I've been using Biotech for about 5 years. I love their products! ~ Karen Warner

Have used Biotech D-3 for many years. My doctor recommended it. Excellent product!! ~ Jean James

I just want to say that I have been shopping with Bio-Tech-Pharmacal for years and not only do they have excellent products, but their service is cheetah fast! ~ William A. Cole

I absolutely love love you (yes double love) for caring so much as to make your products kosher, halal, and vegan. I've been on your products for few months and now I have my hair, nails, and some of my strength back after long sickness. Again thank you and just wanted to let you know that I am one of your success stories. I wish there's a way I can put this out there were others could benefit from my experience.~ R. Hutcheson